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From the dual CPU capability to the build-in audio, this mainboard is ideal for many users who are looking for something which will last longer than the average system nowadays. To give you a better view of how the card looks like, here are some pictures which I snapped during the review. What you need for digital audio are Midiman Dio drivers from http: Real men will build it themselves, of course. Anyway, seems like motherboards are going in the same direction as softwares, with all the version numbers.

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Windows 98 Bus Mastering Drivers.

I really don’t know how serious that is, but knowing that something isn’t sitting properly makes me elits uneasy already. The voltage was still well within acceptable limits.

Overclocking was easy, just with a flick of the 66Mhz to MHz bus jumper. Yes, it is too good to be true, but it is! So one needs a microphone preamp to convert the mic pvi to unbalanced signal and provide ‘phantom power’ for microphone as well. The setup was simple and straightforward, just like any other modem.

My digital audio equipment

Anyway, it may not be a very fair comparison, since there was an application running in the background which I didn’t manage to turn off. I don’t actually use it anyway, don’t even have connectors for USB. However, I’d give it only an overall rating of 4.


Well, the area near the 2nd PCI slot is rather plain and empty as we can see here. In addition, I cmii8338 the board could use another fan connector.

ECS Elite CMI 8338/PCI Free Driver Download

Although the temperature sensor near the CPU has been elevated higher, I’d still prefer a more versatile probe like that found in the Microstar motherboard. There are couple of examples on the web: I’ll try to provide you with as many pictures as possible but please bear with the poor capture ekite.

You don’t want Zoltrix or C-Media drivers. There are couple of examples on the web:. Although the casing fan could be plugged directly to the power supply, but it is not attractive anymore since that would require an additional purchase of overly priced cables.

Digial audio equipment

It still maintains a bright sounding playback with support for four speakers. I am quite sure that a lot of you are getting pretty excited now as the wait for the opening of The Phantom Menace is growing shorter with each passing day.

As with most top motherboard manufacturers, they do have their fair share of awards and certifications to boast about. I had no other choice but to bend the capacitor in order to push the connector in. The BIOS does not allow you to enable the on-board modem using the modem riser card if you want to disable your built-in sound. Non-windows application support suck, of course. Although lacking FSBs, the board does allow voltage tweaking to make overclocking a breeze.


Elitegroup Computer Systems ECS was founded in and has since been ekite and manufacturing motherboard products for both the home consumer and OEM market. Connector board is extra option in this case. For example, Abit and Microstar have already moved on to provide a wide variety of bus speed settings.

The test setup was fitted with an old Quantum MB hard disk which is quite slow, and this would have affected the Winstone scores.

Another important feature is the overclockability of the motherboard. I think it is not very safe to have all the voltage settings enabled.

A seemingly stable mainboard with a lot of features, the power-on using keyboard feature is very cool and really utilizes the ATX technology. Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star.

I was surprised to find my SL2YK to work at 2. What does the video card has to do with audio?